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Welcome to Hair Loss Center NJ!

Men and women, are you experiencing dry, scaly skin, pimples on the scalp, a painful and lumpy scalp, hair loss or thinning hair or baldness and alopecia?

Are you considering PRP, surgery or FUE and FUT?

We can assist you anywhere in the world!

You've come to the right place!

Using a Functional trichology-holistic and wellness approach, SBLHairloss seeks to provide natural and holistic methods of hair restoration, reduce scalp issues which lead to hair loss and also provides hair replacement options

During a 15 minute consultation, we assess your immediate need and we help you to understand what we may provide for your special circumstance. We may also help you to manage what to do next!

During our Full-trichology 1 hour consultation, you'll receive:

a dermascope exam of your scalp and recommendations.

Here because of the length of time of the exam and our limited view of your unique needs, this is a 'GUESS-TIMATE' or your situation, but not exact.

What happens after the 15 minute Consult?

After the 15 minute trichology consultation, when you consider allowing us to work with you, we will know which services are most appropriate for you, which may include any of the following:

  • 1-hour basic session with a lifestyle review and health scan

  • 2-hour session with Blood chemistry, diet & lifestyle review

  • 4-hour session with Blood chemistry, gut health diet & lifestyle review

  • visual inspection of the scalp to check for follicles and scalp quality in comparison to the donor areas

    After either of the above is complete:

  • A hair & scalp protocol with a FUNCTIONAL APPROACH TO YOUR WELLNESS AND GROWTH (root causes) Not included and requires a separate investment

We may address your hair growth restoration, scalp issues & Hair loss for a minimum of 6 months-1 year with a variety of in-clinic services such as:

Exosomes growth factors


Body Balancers to address deficiencies,

Light Therapy*

Energy treatments

Auriculotherapy and ear seeding

scalp detoxification scalp treatments,

Anti Inflammatory cleansing and more to stabilize homeostasis, enhance your Biofield, and increase the body's blood flow and energy to the scalp capillaries.

Or you may decide to manage it on your own!

Aquatic Mist treatment to open hair shaft's cuticle, speeds processing, providing a cool gentle mist

triple O3 therapy-oxygen therapy speeds healing and improves scalp condition

this treatment is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and prevents sepsis within the scalp tissue

Oxygen scalp treatment with oxygen concentrator-improves the quality of scalp using targeted essential oils

massage-improves circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage

micro-needling- stimulates collagen and activates the body's healing response

High frequency micro current- improves blood flow to the tissues, speeds healing, loosens clogged and congested tissues

scalp detox- using an assortment of natural remedies to descale & to clear lymphatic passages

Infrared lamp light therapy- reduces redness, stimulates Langerhan's cells to reduce swelling

woods lamp analysis to evaluate scalp pigmentation for changes in skin quality

Low level-light therapy- for retail sales only, stimulates cell division, activates ATP

Lymphatic therapy

Nutritional counseling to adjust toxins and inflammatory contributors

Financing is Now available for consult services through After pay & Care Credit for protocol plans and packages!

What to expect...

When you are ready to schedule a visit:


You will need to reserve your date with advance payment


You will need to reserve your date with advance payment and then


You will be directed to provide us with information regarding your health.


Please also, take note of your diet for 2 weeks before scheduling your visit


A body and scalp hair sample will be needed


You will be directed to provide us with information regarding your health.


Please also, take note of your diet for 2 weeks before scheduling your visit as you must submit a food journal


Commit to changing your lifestyle for the next 3-6 months

Topics that concern us are:

what have you been experiencing?

Submission of diet for the past 2 weeks

How long have you experienced it?

Medications currently being prescribed?

What is the quality of your scalp?

supplements currently ingesting?

Itchy, painful, erythema, burning, flaking?

recent physician visits and prognoses?

What is your stress level?

Your Willingness to commit to a plan?

Stress contributors? employment, spouse? children, illness?

Please schedule a physical before you arrive so a recent blood serum panel may be evaluated for contributions to current health.

Within 72-hours After your visit, you will receive your etiology, prognosis and recommendations for a course of re-balancing or eliminating issues or plan of restoration.

We provide hair restoration and solutions to those with:

  • thinning hair, Cancer patients, male pattern hair loss, general hair loss, alopecia, children, Menopausal or childbearing mothers and those experiencing genetic and systemic issues.

  • ​and those who wish to restore hair without surgery and we service after surgery candidates

  • ​We solve hair replacement and issues for men, women and children through a variety of natural, herbal and holistic needs restoring your hair naturally.

  • ​We provide a natural and holistic (entire, whole body) approach to solving your hair loss and thinning concerns through balancing your body over time.

The body often begins to thin or lose hair due to a body system issue such as :

  • endocrine - (thyroid and adrenals, HPA/HPO axis SHBG

  • Metaolic-diabetes and sugar)

  • ​circulatory - (HRT, HBP)

  • ​immune - (over stressed, sensitive and weakened system)

  • ​lymphatic - clogged drainage, swollen lymph

  • ​hepatic - (sluggish, pyogenic, fatty liver, sugar balance, gall bladder issues)

  • ​digestive/intestinal - (improper digestion, prolonged waste removal)

  • ​reproductive - (fluctuating FREE testosterone, progesterone, estrogen, PCOS)

  • ​sympathetic nervous system - (over worked and deeply stressed system which impacts all of the above)

When these are out of balance, HAIR WILL NOT GROW PROPERLY!

Each system needs help! They each need support and we seek to help you correct it over time.

It may take weeks or months to restore, but we wish to prepare you for your journey!

Financing Now is available for Trichology consult services through Care Credit for protocol plans and packages!

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