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Hair is the backbone of the beauty industry.

Without 'hair' in Cosmetology, all we would have left to apply are eyelashes, wax eyebrows and legs and provide facials!
Barbers, Trichologists, Tonsorial artists & Hairstylists wouldn't exist!

What better way to have a hold on the industry then learn how to save, restore hair and also apply more hair?.


The (HLCEDU) Hair Loss Center Education will share with you how to help people save their hair and improve scalp issues.

With 6 weeks of an online learning platform - complete this training at your own pace!

The Introduction to Scalp Specialty & Trichology class ends with 8 hours of in-class/clinical live instruction.

And, You'll enjoy learning:

  • why scalp maladies exist

  • how to understand how they begin

  • how to identify it, and

  • simple, cost-effective and easily producable ways to brand yourself as an expert!

  • to use tools to help your clients see their scalp and to identify issues

2-day Cranial Prosthesis Certification Training




April 14, 2024

9 am - 5 pm

Hair Loss Center NJ

April 15, 2024

9 am - 5 pm

Hair Loss Center NJ

April 29, 2024

9 am - 5 pm

Hair Loss Center NJ

The 2-day Cranial Prosthesis Certification Training invites you to become knowledgeable of why hair replacement exists,

  • Help clients feel better by restoring their confidence by adding different hair systems

  • ​Learn the different types,

  • ​Learn How to apply them

  • Measure for ordering

  • ​How to remove them

  • ​The Common adhesives on the market

  • ​How to cleanse the system

  • ​Retail solutions and why each client needs your product

  • ​Why you should price according to Market

  • ​Why all replacement stylists need contracts, sensitivity tests and a thorough consultation.

You'll either receive a starter kit and a stock unit for practice at your salon or studio or you work on a live client.

Common questions and facts : 50% or more of hair loss is where you should start.

If a client has less than 50% hair loss or a thinning pattern, Trichology would be very helpful and effective in helping your client restore their hair naturally by guiding them to Better Health, reducing medication, improving lifestyle issues and caring for the hair and scalp.

You will also review the five major types of systems and view samples of:

  • thin skin
  • ​mono lace
  • ​topper units
  • ​super thin skin
  • ​Swiss lace
  • ​women's units
  • ​Polyurethane
  • ​French lace
  • ​and male tupee

We will also cover how to measure a client's head for use with a new order and to cut into a stock unit.

HairLossCenter Coaching

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