Hair Replacement education is a value-added service that many beauty pros are unfamiliar with.

Without it, we would be subject to un-natural looking services that we'd be unhappy with.

What better way to have a hold on the industry and learn how to save, restore hair and also apply more hair?

Expand your gifts, your range of clients and your mind with a Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Certification!


Sancia Brooks from Tennessee

Virtual ZOOM Top Of Head Hair Replacement One day Training

This is a Virtual training!

  • If you'd like to dip your foot in the pond and get started with learning 1- Non-Surgical application method in 4 hours to help those with 'top-of-head' hair loss, this is where you should begin!

    1. You'll learn 1-method of application (no full head techniques) and removal of the latest hair systems

    2. Materials* will be required so you may follow along!

    3. Measurements and customizing

    4. Cut-in methods

    5. social media growth strategies will be provided.

    1-hour break for lunch included.

    We may mail you a full kit with mannequin and supplies* or you will need to purchase items ahead of time.

  • (Not a Full-Certification Course)

2-day Cranial Prosthesis Certification Training in Pleasantville, NJ

Learn to help Men & Women get their digniity back!

Learn to help them receive hair!

Learn to apply Non-Surgical Cranial Prosthesis, Toupees, toppers and More!

Learn to measure and customize Cranial Prosthesis & Non-Surgical Units for application

Go live on your social accounts to share with your community

Learn to order and work with manaufacturers

learn the many popular types of units and bases

Learn the correct lingo

Social media growth Strategies to grow

Learn to apply a unit on a mannequin and more

Receive a starter kit to style up to 5 clients immediately!

Medical & Government billing with credentialing assistance

((Receive a Certificate at the end of day 2))




June 23-24, 2024

9 am - 5 pm

Hair Loss Center NJ

Jul 23-24, 2024

9 am - 5 pm

Hair Loss Center NJ

July 30-31, 2024

9 am - 5 pm

Hair Loss Center NJ

2-day Full Lace Application Training

Enjoy 2-full days of training on a live model!

Day 1: Introduction to Full Lace Cranial Prosthesis for the natural 'skin-like' appearance.



Different types of lace

Lingo & verbage

Learn the best tools to use

Maintenance, Pricing& Consultations

Day 2: Meet your model

Apply your Non-Surgical Units

Learn to 'cut-it-in'

Style the live model


Images & Post your First Non-Surgical Unit to your platforms

The 2-day Cranial Prosthesis Certification Training invites you to become knowledgeable of why hair replacement exists,

  • Help clients feel better by restoring their confidence by adding different hair systems

  • ​Learn the different types,

  • ​Learn How to apply them

  • Measure for ordering

  • ​How to remove them

  • ​The Common adhesives on the market

  • ​How to cleanse the system

  • ​Retail solutions and why each client needs your product

  • ​Why you should price according to Market

  • Social Media Solutions to improve your business

  • ​Why all replacement stylists need contracts, sensitivity tests and a thorough consultation.

1-day in person 'Top-of-head-Application Training

Common questions and facts- who benefits or needs Non-Surgical Hair replacement?

Anyone with 51% or more hair loss, thinning, would care to update their current look, cancer and illness fallout, medical reasons, aloepcia areata-universalis and more.

These situations are times when Non-surgical hair replacement would be an option.

50% or more of hair loss is where you should start.

If a client has less than 50% hair loss or a thinning pattern, Functional Trichology and holistic treatments would be very helpful and effective in helping your client restore their hair naturally by guiding them to Better Health, reducing medication, improving lifestyle issues and caring for the hair and scalp.

You will also review the five major types of systems and view samples of:

  • thin skin

  • ​mono lace

  • ​topper units

  • ​super thin skin

  • ​Swiss lace

  • ​women's units

  • ​Polyurethane

  • ​French lace

  • ​and male toupee hair systems

We will also cover how to measure a client's head for use with a new order and to cut into a stock unit.

Mentoring And Coaching

mentoring and coachine for beauty pros

Coaching Basics

Our Coaching services are designed to get you from a basic to an intermediate level to an advanced level in your business.

Coaching Services are designed to build monthly to aid and create activity in your business.

Send us an email above and we can get you started or Schedule a 15-minute introductory session with me here

We thank you for choosing us to help you with your journey. 

Becoming a Certified Trichologist or a Hair Replacement Specialist is not easy!

Even you may benefit from routine assistance or an aditional perspective.

The better question is .. what would you like from a mentor?

What is it that you need or require from a mentor? 

Coaching services are available for 1 hour at a rate of $99 per session

Book with us online!

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