Providing a Holistic Approach to Hair Restoration

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Providing a Holistic Approach to Hair Restoration

Make us your preferred hair loss center in Montclair or Pleasantville, NJ

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Visit our hair loss center in Pleasantville, NJ for safe and natural hair restoration services

With an emphasis on trichology and wellness, HairLoss CenterNJ seeks to provide natural and holistic methods of balancing the body to stabilize the contributors to a loss of hair. HairLoss Center can help reduce a variety of scalp issues that commonly lead to hair loss through holistic and natural hair loss treatments and Hair replacement services.

Our Center understands that thinning hair and a loss of hair typically begin, as a gradual process and it's not replaced quickly. If you're not a candidate for restoration, we also offer replacement after an initial consultation. Our units are assembled to be as natural and as comfortable as possible.

All clients are served with an initial 15-minute complimentary consultation to discuss need and if they're a candidate for our services.

Welcome to The Hair Loss Center of New Jersey

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Using a trichology-holistic and wellness approach, the Hair Loss Center of New Jersey (SBLHairloss) seeks to provide natural and holistic methods of hair restoration, reduce scalp issues which lead to hair loss and we also provide hair replacement options
During a FREE 10-15 minute Online evaluation

We assess your immediate need. This free service allows you to determine if we are a good fit for you. During the 15-minute evaluation, we will share the details of NEXT STEPS and investment during the FREE 15-minute call.

Our requirements for meeting are established, at this time.

What does a Holistic Trichologist do? We concern ourselves with the contributing factors that affect the composition and quality of your scalp skin and the hair that extends from it.

We investigate the issues and the contributing factors of your Hair's loss and we seek to help you establish and regain your health and dignity relating to the issue.

Without stable and balanced health, hair will not grow properly. We evaluate your current, and past health and work holistically to assist in managing your needs. We perform this through a variety of tools designed to get to the heart of your issues.

Upgrade to a Full-trichology 2-hour consultation, you'll receive

  • Online submission review of your health history

  • ​blood panel CBC review or Galvanic Skin Response test

  • ​a visual inspection of scalp

  • ​A 25x, 50x or100x dermascope scalp scan inspection (MICROSCOPY EXAM)

  • ​a dietary analysis- to determine inflammatory intake

  • ​Recommendations based on more extensive information

Upgrade your visit to enjoy and allow us to address your Hair loss with a variety of services:

  • Allergy Testing
  • ​Gut health testing
  • ​Micro-Circulation and energy restoration to improve blood flow
  • ​Aquatic Mist treatment to open hair shaft's cuticle, speeds processing, providing a cool gentle mist with an intensive conditioner and/or moisture
  • ​triple O3 therapy-oxygen therapy speeds healing and improves scalp condition
  • ​Oxygen Air treatment with concentrator-improves the quality of scalp servicing using targeted Mesotherapy products
  • ​scalp massage-improves circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • ​micro-needling- stimulates collagen and activates the body's healing response
  • ​High frequency micro current- improves blood flow to the tissues, speeds healing, loosens clogged and congested tissues
  • ​scalp detox- using an assortment of natural remedies to descale & to clear lymphatic passages
  • ​Infrared lamp light therapy- reduces redness, stimulates Langerhan's cells
  • ​Low level-light therapy- for retail sales only, stimulates cell division, activates ATP

We accept Care Credit, HSA and FSA programs

to meet the needs of your on going treatment and or NonSurgical Hair Replacement needs

We can address your hair loss with a variety of services

Hair loss and scalp concerns can be related to a variety of conditions. To help meet and eliminate these issues, we offer many of the following services:
Nutritional scans and analysis
Weight loss to improve lifestyle habits
Light therapies
Blood chemistry analysis
Oxygen therapy
Allergy and various analysis
Detoxification services
Energy stimulation services
And more
All of these services offer unique improvements to your body, which can aid in natural hair growth. Contact us today to get started. We're just one phone call away.

Consider the use of a Certified Trichologist when you have additional questions regarding your skin and scalp needs.

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