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That vaccine shot and your hair loss (effluvium)!

Be careful and understand....the hair loss you're experiencing may cause it and everything else!

Thyroid Health and your hair loss

When you have an issue with your thyroid, work to reduce the...

Low Iron and thinning hair-'does this happen to you?'

When you discover that your hair is thinning AND you find that you have low-iron or low-ferritin, these items will help you to restore the density and reduce thinning hair over time!

For beauty professionals! Is trichology in your future?

Beauty professionals, is Trichology and hair and scalp health something you wish to learn more about? Do you like to study at your own pace online? This 6 week course may be right for you!!!

Take it on and off each night!

Do you suffer hair loss but only in the crown of your head? Is your hair long enough to braid? This wig topper can be made in any color and it can be attached with clips. Set up a consultation to see if this type of unit is right for you!

Is your hair thinning? Don't skip meals

Do not skip meals? You may be sacrificing your hair's quality if and when you do. Your hair is last on the list for nutrients.

Antibiotics and hair loss

Be careful and care for your immunity and please do not think that you do not need probiotics.

Oil vs. water for hair-which do you need?

15 minutes is all it takes

Why are you waiting? Your hair is just as important to us as it is to you!

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