Women over 50! Are you having trouble losing weight?

Can’t lose weight at 45, 50?

Is your hair starting to change?

Is it getting coarse, the texture is changing or is it growing thin?

Hormones are usually to blame!

Craving sugars and sweets are signs your metabolism is out of whack.

Extra weight that won’t move is a key that your hormones are slipping……………….

So if you’re constantly opening the pantry or scouring the fridge looking for something to snack on?

You need to take action immediately… because your body is crying for help.

For women over 40+ this is even more important. Because their metabolism starts to slow to a crawl making it feel impossible to lose weight.

Thankfully, there are 5 metabolic superfoods that reverse the damage and speed UP your metabolism–helping you fight fat, flush toxins, and tone trouble areas. Here’s how:

==> these 5 metabolic superfoods help women 40+ drop lbs FAST

Also, balance, balance, balance!!! Support your thyroid so it can support you.

The chemical messengers called hormones play a bio-feedback game in your bloodstream making sure your estrogen and testosterone and your insulin and cortisol levels work as cohesively as possible.

They need to be supported! As we age, natural levels for Men & Women begin to fall, leaving our adrenals and the cortisol levels to pick up the slack.

Here you must also support the adrenals with great herbs so you are not so weighed-down, and have more energy.

Try one like this for hair growth and menopausal balance-https://hairlosscenternj.com/product/nutrafol-womens-balance/

to help you rest or a thyroid support to manage heavy or spotty bleeding.


Also, eat hormone rich supporting foods such as Plant-based items such as GBOMBS!

  • Grains- Quinoa, CousCous, Brown rice, Sprouted grains
  • Beans-chickpeas, blackbeans, lentils, kidneys
  • Onions
  • Mushrooms-for immunity, white, button, shitake……..
  • Berries- all
  • Seeds- Pumpkin, Sunflower, etc

Consume less animal products unless free range, non-antibiotic fed and grass and farm raised as these LEECH hormones which will

upset and agitate your hormone balance.


For different items to help you manage your hormones- click here to schedule a time to talk about your needs.


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