When you schedule a visit:

Please have a physical completed before you arrive so a recent blood serum panel may be evaluated for contributions to current health

You will be directed to provide us with advance information regarding your health.

  • Topics that concern us are:
  • what have you been experiencing?
  • How long have you experienced it?
  • What is the quality of your scalp?
  • Is it sore, Itchy, painful, erythema present?
  • burning, flaking or scaling?

What is your stress level?
Stress contributors? employment,

spouse? children, illness?

We also request:

  • a submission of diet for the past 2 weeks prior to visiting
  • Medications currently being prescribed?
  • supplements currently ingesting?
  • recent physician visits and prognoses?
  • Your Willingness to commit to a plan?


Within 24-hours After your visit, you will receive your etiology, prognosis and recommendations for a course of re-balancing or eliminating issues or plan of restoration.