Trichology: when people get it!

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A trichologist works as part of a cohesive whole, not simply focusing on ‘JUST-YOUR-HAIR AND SCALP.’

We perform our consultation from a ‘holistic’

‘TOTAL BODY’ point of view.

We work diligently  to assess the contributing factors that allowed

your skin, scalp and ‘condition of your hair’ to begin.

We call this the ‘etiology.’

We work with you to develop a plan of action to stabilize the condition.

If changes are not made, the condition will continue or worsen.

Let us assist you by allowing us to bring your total body into balance.

This will not happen overnight and it can take weeks to months.

Hair is considered a non-essential tissue and is an appendage as it hangs and extends from the body. It is not a living tissue once the hair has keratinized and protrudes from the scalp.


When a bodily system has a challenge, the body must exhaust every opportunity to correct and heal the challenges needed within the body and it will not conserve the hair in the meantime while it attempts to self-heal and correct its issues.

How does the dermatologist help me when I think my hair is falling out or growing thin??

Dermatologist– visit your dermatologist for specific skin changes and/or endocrinologist for hormonal, auto-immune and other specialists and then let us help you work on a plan to stabilize your bodily issues, improve your hair growth and improve you!

What needs to happen after your trichology visit:

Changes in lifestyle and diet  must be considered. Many root causes begin with the diet and its resulting inflammation

If you change nothing….nothing will happen. Look at your food as your medicine as this is how we will help you, holistically with herbs, plants,  foods and your physician’s care.

Work the plan and do not allow it to work-you!

LaRonne Quarles, Certified I.A.T. Trichologist,

Licensed Cosmetologist, educator,

owner, SBLHairloss

1420 So. New Road, Ste. 7

Pleasantville, NJ 08232



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