Ms LaRonne was very knowledgeable about hair, health and how they work together .She was very professional while making sure i got a good understanding of my issues,and how we would begin to heal them . I look forward to working with her and seeing my hair thrive. If you are having any issues with your hair or scalp I would recommend HairlosscenterNj

Domonique B.

LaRhonne shared a lot of information with me about my overall health. She also answered all of my questions. I feel as if I am finally on the right track to improve my health.

Donna J.

LaRonne is the best. I started with LaRonne about 10 years ago when I was experiencing hair loss due to Alopecia. She works with you and gives you the best solutions for your problem. For some men they can decide to go bald but for women it's a little different. I have gotten 3 wigs from LaRonne including the third one I got today. She took all of the measurements for my head to ensure what I was getting fitted my head. She cut and styled my new wig today and I feel wonderful. Thank you so much LaRonne. If you suffer with hair loss she is definitely the one to see.

Kathleen T.

Mrs. Quarles was very pleasant, knowledgeable and professional. I would recommend anyone who has questions or concerns to seek her advice. I'm very glad that I was able to locate her services and felt like I finally have a sense of direction on how to go about to treating my hair loss.

Bev J.

I saw LaRonne for the first time yesterday because i have been experiencing hair lose like crazy and my scalp has been burning and itching. She is absolutely amazing! Patient, listens to you, asks questions, runs amazing tests that help get to the root of the problem. I left very happy with the appointment and I am looking forward to seeing positive results in the next few months!

Maria C.

I was very pleased with my visit with Laronne . I have had many questions for the last couple of years and she was able to answer all of them . When I left I felt very at ease and satisfied . The education I received about hair loss/thinning and your body , was not expected yet very much appreciated . I now know what products my scalp should and should not be subject to as well as the amount of times my scalp should be cleansed and the types of vitamins that should be taken . It was also nice this was not a sales gimmick and she was not pushy . Just very professional . Very glad to have become a client of Hairlosscenter !

Louvenia C.