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Hair Breakage and Hair Fall-what’s the difference?


  Hair breakage or Hair fall-what’s the difference??? Hair Breakage diffuse alopecia ot thinning hair Effluvium-fallout Telogen-fallout during the fallout phase Catogen-fallout during a rest phase Anagen Effluvium-fallout during the growth phase    

Medications and your slow hair growth


  You are an AMAZING HUMAN BEING. The body requires at least 60  minerals a day and it needs to synthesize even more, but we need to intake them all to begin with. Your body has a tremendous job balancing … Read More

“Balance the body and the hair will follow.”


“Balance the body and the hair will follow” Is my motto.  As a Cosmetologist, I aim to share with the community and Beauty Professionals the urgency of Trichology and hair loss-related facts, issues, trends and solutions. But, we ourselves must … Read More