TrichoGel by Zifam Pinnacle Products


  • Revitalizes hair lustre
  • Repairs and restores air vitality
  • Reduces the signs of aging
  • Moisturizes the scalp

Directions for use:

Apply twice daily to the scalp, massaging gently in a circular motion. For best results use in conjunction with Grace Hair Fact Supplements.





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4.23 oz-includes 7% NJ tax, originally $24.95

This is your alternative to MINOXIDIL!!!!!


find all the superior benefits of this Hair Fact system!

Tis has been designed by studying hair growth and not hair fall-out

Grace Tricho Gel is a tri-peptidal formulation that is found around good-growing anagen phase growth follicles

and TrichoGel contains it within its formula!

Histidine, Glycine and Lysine (GHK) which is the natural signal for hair growth!

  • gentle on the skin with low irritation
  • revitalizes hair lustre
  • repairs and restores hair quality
  • reduces the signs of aging
  • moisturizes the scalp
(Chanthina Jackson (November 2019) That Grace Gel is the truth! Made a huge difference in my hair!)







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