The Flower of Life-Cell Food



This is a new addition to the HPT Cell food line is called the Flower of Life.


This product helps to restore the connective tissue of the hair follicle.


Tissue that supports, protects, and gives structure to other tissues and organs in the body. Connective tissue also stores fat, helps move nutrients and other substances between tissues and organs, and helps repair damaged tissue. Connective tissue is made up of cells, fibers, and a gel-like substance. Types of connective tissue include bone, cartilage, fat, blood, and lymphatic tissue.

The hair bulb surrounds the hair papilla, which is made of connective tissue and contains blood capillaries and nerve endings from the dermis (


The hair & the hair follicle within the scalp are connective tissue.


As connective tissue weakens, it allows the hair to exit from the follicle prematurely and needs to be supported and strengthened with The Flower of Life.


The hair and the follicle needs assistance from minerals!



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