Seamoss (Tri-color) 1.5oz dried



Enjoy the many benefits of Sea Minerals!

Combine with Bladderwrack powder to enjoy a

complete set of 100 of your daily vitamins and minerals!

The benefits of Seamoss are:

  • it relieves digestion
  • supports and balances the thyroid
  • supports hair, skin & nail growth
  • supports libido
  • supports the immune system
  • releases mucus
  • contains: Vitamins A, E,F, and K*, sulfur, iodine,, sodium, potassium, iron

soak in raw ACV and  key lime, repeatedly rinse to clear the sea salt and sand. Soak at least 24-hours and allow it to double in size.

Place in a blender with enough water to allow the blender to move for 60 secs.

Enjoy a heaping TBSP. in an alkaline smoothie.


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