Organic Irish Sea Moss gel in ozonated water-32oz.



one of the many reasons we begin to thin, suffering a reduction in density is because of the lack of minerals within the diet leading to an unsupported thyroid, Oxidation and exposure to free radicals, gut issues and autointoxication, liver issues and because of inflammation of key areas of the hair follicle.

This has a corresponding effect on how the body system responds to hair growth. When the body has fewer minerals, it will draw what little you absorb and conserve it for the rest for the body’s core and the brain.

It may have an effect on your hair’s volume and density and it begins to thin as a result.

Provide your body with extra sea minerals and improve your digestion by adding the these 92 vitamins and minerals to your diet each day.

2-heaping tablespoons daily in a smoothie will improve nutrient consumption

Organic Certified Irish Moss gel from St. Lucia

Organic  Irish Moss Gel


Distributor from NYC, USA

Botanical Name:

Chondrus Crispus


What is Irish Moss?

Irish moss is a species of red algae which typically grows on the Atlantic coasts of Europe and North America. The color of Irish moss  can vary from greenish-yellow all the way to a dark purple. It is especially rich in iodine.

Why Irish Moss gel?

  • up to 92 vitamins & minerals such as  iodine, essential for overall health
  • Perfect for magnesium, iodine
  • sea greens aids in digestion
  • Also known to contain vitamins A, E, and K
  • inflammation fighter
  • thyroid balancer

Sea Moss in your diet

Why Organic Certified Irish Moss gel From SBLHairloss?

We are your premier supplier of  St.Lucia TriColor Seamoss gel.


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