Healthy Tract Probiotic-Up by Irwin Naturals-60 Count




does not require refrigeration.

Digestive health is the foundation of whole body health. And probiotics can help replenish, rebuild and nourish the intestinal flora to promote optimal digestive function.*

Healthy Tract Probiotic-UP™*  supplement is a one-per-day probiotic guaranteed to deliver 3 billion live cultures per Liquid Soft Gel at time of manufacture!** This advanced formulation features a pure-strain probiotic bacteria called Unique IS-2™. This trademarked ingredient is heat-resistant and acid-resistant – to ensure that the beneficial bacteria reach the intestinal tract.* Unique IS-2™ is a “next generation” probiotic that can help you replenish and maintain a healthy balance of microflora in the intestinal tract.*

Our supplements daily probiotic formula also integrates a blend of plant-sourced Omega Oils from Flaxseed, Safflower, Black Currant and Pumpkin Seed.* This product can be taken daily for ongoing maintenance of optimal digestive functions.*

This product does NOT require refrigeration.



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