Oregano Oil 1.oz fortified with 70% Carvacrol (dropper incl.)



1 ounce dark cobalt blue bottle dropper

3 drops under the tongue, 3 times daily does A lot!

This is especially recommended for the client with the consistent deep itch within the scalp who has been prescribed antibiotics by

a dermatologist. This is an herbal remedy that should only be ingested for a 2 week minimum

This can be dropped onto the scalp when red bumps and sores are present and you are unable to make it to a physician.

Oregano Oil as these fight off bacteria and helps to build immunity and illness.
Oregano oil fortified to include 70% Carvacrol  and Thymol contains the following benefits:

it’s anti-microbial, anti-common-cold

anti-tumor, anti-flu


anti-parasitic, it’s a pain-reliever, helps to remove and reduce bacteria,
soothes an irritated throat when post nasal drip begins and it stops upper-respiratory and sinus-infections within days!


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