HPT Cellular Regeneration Growth Products Kit




Package contains:

8oz  Cell Food Shampoo-regularly $45

8oz  Cell Food Conditioner

2oz. SeaTox Clay

40z Liquid minerals Cell food Drops-regularly $50



HPT cell food drops contain the highest quality blend of humic, fulvic micro and macro minerals and amino acids.

There are 63 minerals, 11 amino acids and 7 vitamins contained in the product.

There are several ways you can utilize the drops and reap the health benefits they provide.

The cell food drops can be applied topically to the scalp and the beard .

They are water based so they are easily absorbed, providing much needed hydration and nutrients that promote healing and create a healthier scalp environment .

This is excellent for those suffering from Androgenic alopecia and patchy body beards.

The HPT cell food drops may also be taken orally as part of your daily supplement program and it provides your cells with a powerful mix of vitamins, amino acids, trace central minerals needed for optimal cellular performance.

Don’t be fooled by the name! Humic acid is not actually acidic but is rather highly alkaline. This is important because the higher the pH values, the more water-soluble it becomes, and therefore more bioavailable to your body.humic acid katie

Why Do We Need Humic Acid?

Humic acid is filled with minerals that are essential for every aspect of your health. Your body needs minerals for things like bone development, heart health, eye health, digestive health, and even mental health. Minerals also work together with other vitamins and enzymes to carry out important chemical reactions in the body.

When something starts to break down in your body, it can almost always be associated with a mineral deficiency.

This can greatly improve your overall health and well being .

Low testosterone may be a cause of poor beard growth.

People with extremely low levels of testosterone have next to no facial hair .

Studies have shown that in healthy adults, fulvic acid increases testosterone levels free testosterone levels and DHEA levels.


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