HairFact 4 month Immune Health Kit




Enhance your health, hair growth and immunity with NEW *PRO IMMUNE GOLD FORMULA!
Contains the same great Hair Fact Original items but with a focus on Immune Health
Viruses and weakened gut health and poor bone marrow storage enhance a weakened immune system.
For instance, COVID-19 is characterized by rise in IL-6 and IL-1, macrophage activation and “cytokine storm”, dysregulating the innate immunity.
Vitamin D receptors (VDR) regulate, innate and adaptive immune responses, inhibiting cytokine release.
Vitamin D suppresses key pro-inflammatory pathways, nuclear factor kappa B (NF-kB), interleukin-6 (IL-6), and tumor necrosis factor (TNF).
Vitamin D might prevent loss of neural sensation in COVID-19 by stimulating expression of neurotrophins like Nerve Growth Factor (NGF): Vitamin D: Induction of key neurotrophic factors.
A significant negative correlation (p=0.033) has been observed between mean vitamin D levels and COVID-19 cases per one million population in European countries.
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3. Ali N. Role of vitamin D in preventing of COVID-19 infection, progression and severity. J Infect Public Health. 2020 Oct;13(10):1373-1380. doi: 10.1016/ j.jiph.2020.06.021.


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