SBL essential oil blend


This antiOxidant growth serum is great for Scarring alopecia clients with:

  • pain
  • redness
  • tingling
  • thinning
  • bald scalp.

Contains essential oils:

  • lavender-calming, anti-inflammatory
  • saw palmetto-reduces effects of DHT which contributes to thinning
  • rosemary-increases follicle stimulation, decreases dandruff
  • thyme-improves blood circulation, facilitates nutrients to the scalp
  • frankincense-slows and prevents hair loss, provides stimulation, and antioxidant Vitamin E


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all-natural formula- no drugs or sulfates or carcinogens

1oz. formula with dropper. 2-3 drops needed per day. Massage into area of thinning and loss.

Our amazing and extremely-concentrated SBLessential oil blend contains the following:

ozonated fractionated-coconut oil-anti fungal, anti inflammatory anti microbial-to help with itch and tingle and pain

ozonated grapeseed oil anti inflammatory to help with itch and tingle and pain and to reduce oxidative death of follicle cells

cedarwood, lavender,  frankincense

AND-rosemary,saw palmetto,and thyme tinctures



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