Medications and your slow hair growth

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The body requires at least 60  minerals a day and it needs to synthesize even more, but we need to intake them all to begin with.

Your body has a tremendous job balancing all of the metabolic and enzymatic processes in the body on a daily basis.

We need EACH nutrient…….. not simply a few petals of lettuce in a salad and a green shake….that just won’t cut it!

A helpful website to research your daily needs is here:

When we don’t get what the body needs, it begins to draw nutrients away from hair growth to save these valuable resources for the heart, lungs, brain and cognitive functions, the organs and so on…..this leaves a deficit in what’s left for optimal hair growth.

Categories of essential nutrient include vitamins, dietary minerals, essential fatty acids and essential amino acids.

Many essential vitamins, such as Vitamin C, are also by definition phytonutrients, as they occur in plants.

Most essential nutrients are substances that are metabolically necessary but cannot be synthesized by the organism.”


When our bodies become ‘out of balance’ requiring medication, it has a dramatic effect on the amount of extra nutrients required to KEEP it within balance, and this interrupts our level of homeostasis.


There is a delicate dance the body does to balance out our intake of too many toxins and we have the liver to aid us in expelling waste materials, extra hormones, medications, coffee, alchohol and varied toxins.


Also, The bones bear the responsibility of maintaining proper acid and alkaline balance or the normal p.h. (potential of hydrogen) within the body of 7.0 (see photo.) When we are very, deeply acidic, metabolic processes begin to breakdown and we suffer. Acidosis, arthritis, gout, cancer, mental instability, osteoporosis, osteopenia, nerve instability, adrenal, hormonal and other breakdowns will occur at a more drastic rate.

A highly acidic lifestyle causes the body to draw upon the calcium resources of the bones to BUFFER-out this resulting low p.h.


Another example is what occurs to the body and the hair when Xanax is consumed.

It depletes the body of:

  • CoQ10– needed to sufficient heart health. Natural levels begin to drop at the age of 50. Heart health is necessary to carry optimal levels of oxyen to the capillaries which feed the supply to the follicle. If the follicle doesn’t get oxygen, the follicle weakens and interruptions in the hair shaft quality,

t     texture, and density may occur. (see photo)

CoQ10 for heart health

At this age, we require a bit more for normal heart function

The interruption of B vitamins is costly to the nerves and the nervous system. This is vital for ones who are highly stressed, have irregular sleep quality and who do not move their bowels on a regular basis. Alopecia Areata sufferers need this to protect the nerves which are highly sensitive to an attack on the hair follicles.

  • Iodine-necessary for optimal thyroid function. A reduction in this mineral will cause an imbalance in the regulation of our metabolism which may cause us to gain or lose weight, cause irritability, , lack of concentration, HAIR LOSS, goiters, constipation, developing cold intolerance, fatigue, hand tremors, acne from the interruption of regulation of the sex hormones and more. When our sex hormones are unbalanced, this can also cause a temporary loss or effluvium of hair into a premature telogen phase, an eventual diffusion of density or thinning of the hair.


So, I mention this because many do not understand why a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement must always be part of the daily diet. Please these that comes highly recommended,

If you’re interested in maintaining hair growth or attempting to improve the hair after starting a medication regimen, fill in what’s missing to help your body along but in addition to that what’s depleted, you must also intake a multi-mineral supplement. If not, the minor gaps are filled in but the body remain nutritionally malnourished.

Always check to see what minerals are depleted and discuss with your physician if you are in fact a candidate for assistance with this issue. If I may be of assistance regarding your hair issues, drop me a line: e-mail me here <


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