It’s time for tea…….”hair growth tea” that is!

We wanted to bring it to you (our best subscribers and clients), first!
The hair growth tea is back!!!

Every one isn’t a coffee drinker…some of us like tea!
Tea and Tisane sipping are not new.
Many are adopting healthier alternatives to living as now we see- “life as we know it-has to change!”
We don’t have the same bodies we once had at the age of 20 and 25.
Estrogen and testosterone fall dramatically after the age of 25.
We produce reduced amounts of estrogen at around age 40.

When childbearing occurs, our levels can rise during the pregnancy and may drop dramatically causing an effluvium of sudden loss of hair temporarily until our levels are stable.  (

By the age of 30,1 in 3 men begin to thin in the typical male pattern.
Most of my clients  seek to eliminate gluten, detox 3 times a year, reduce cancer, lose weight, de-stress, become vegans and grow hair. As we age, the body doesn’t work the way it used to so we must work at it!
We have to walk, talk and chew gum at the same time!
Also, we don’t take in to account what inflammation does to the body, and to the hair shaft, and what a constant release of cortisol does to the body and to our blood sugar and how a reduction in minerals over time reduces the quality and density of our hair shaft.
Here’s what we included in the tea for you:
  1. Some of us eat, some gain weight and some suffer hair breakage. So we added ashwaghanda  to help support your adrenals and manage stress.
  2. inflammatory conditions and Inflammation persists around the follicle which contributes to the pain, stiffness, swelling and redness on the crown that we feel.This can encourage scarring issues and/or make previous health conditions-worse….for this, we added tumeric
  3. Our liver needs constant attention and help, and it needs to be detoxified on a regular basis  with the average american diet we consume so it contains lemongrassAntioxidant rich components fight against free radicals, thus reducing the incidence of inflammation in the body. “Lemongrass contains the inflammation-fighting compounds chlorogenic acid, isoorientin, and swertiajaponin. Aids in reducing fungal issues such as thrush and yeast”  ( which is devastating issue for black women with scarring and CCCa of the scalp. Fungal and bacterial issues are usually at the root of this epidemic.  Drinking lemongrass tea infusions daily for 30 days can increase hemoglobin concentration, packed cell volume, and red blood cell count in the body.( This aids in oxygen rich blood volume to the capillaries that feed the scalp
  4. Here’s the good part: Rosemary .………. the benefits: When you are suffering from hair loss, growing your hair or keeping it long may seem a difficult task. Rosemary can counter hair loss by stimulating blood circulation in the scalp, which, in turn, promotes hair growth (1).Its high nutritional value and anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent ingredient for nourishing the hair follicles and soothing the scalp. It also has analgesic properties that make it a good remedy for soothing inflamed scalps* (2).It is known to thicken hair and add shine, and is often used by people who have thin, lusterless hair (3).The oil from the herb helps clean the hair follicles by unclogging them. Clogged follicles often lead to problems like dandruff, and, in extreme cases, hair fall.Rosemary  is renowned for its ability to prevent and stop the spread of gray hair (4).It moisturizes a dry scalp, and prevents flaking and dandruff (5).It repairs damage while removing dirt and grime that may keep the hair weighed down (6).
  5. Next there’s Nettle leaf and Oatstraw: Anti-oxidant rich herbs that  reduce inflammation in the scalp*, neutralizes  free radical damage in the scalp, preventing cell death and it  blocks DHT internally. Oatstraw contains silica, iron, manganese, and zinc, soothing an itchy, tight scalp.
  6. Did I forget the HorseTail…….the herb is believed to be able to stimulate hair growth is because of its antioxidant effects. It can also improve circulation, leading to the improvement of hair follicles and to help stimulate hair growth.Related image
This can be brewed to make a shampoo mask or as a base for your homemade shampoo!!!

A study conducted by Nahata et al examined the effects of stinging nettles on BPH that is induced by testosterone. Meanwhile, they compared and contrast the group on nettle to the group on , a drug used to shrink enlarged prostate and increase hair growth.

The results found that the stinging nettle petroleum ether contains b-sitosterol as well as other constituents that can markedly inhibit 5a-reductase enzyme activity.

The researchers also showed that the stinging nettle may match the benefits of finasteride while avoiding all the undesirable side effects. Moradi et al established similar findings with nettles root.
Stinging Nettle Risks and Side effects

There aren’t many reports of harmful side effects (besides the obvious stinging). As always, avoid stinging nettle if you are allergic or sensitive to the herb.

Stinging nettle has many wonderful benefits – but it can interact with some medications. According to WebMD, use with caution if you are taking the following:

  • Blood-thinning drugs
  • Diuretics
  • Blood pressure drugs
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs

We recommend consulting a doctor who is familiar with herbal remedies before implementing the stinging nettle to your routine.


Don’t want all of this-We can blend this custom to your needs…just call us!

Brew up to 3 (8oz) cups/times with a diffuser ball

This will make a GREAT gift-let us ship to a loved one for ya!

LaRonne Quarles, Certified hair loss Practitioner
and I.A.T. Certified Trichologist and wellness specialist

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