Hair loss, fungal conditions, scarring alopecia in African American women

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Fungal conditions and yeast on the scalp are overlooked issues among the African-Amercian Communtity. These contributors are a few of the many factors involved in the complex arena of CCCA.

The Color Atlas of Differential Diagnosis of Hair Loss (1988) states on page 39 that these factors exist within the spectrum of Cicatricial Scarring Alopecia:


  • bacterial
  • viral
  • fungal
  • protozoan

congenital (hereditary defects)

  • arise from dermatoses or syndromes

exogeneous trauma



We often do not shampoo our hair daily or even weekly unless possibly natural with a co-wash mid-week.

Customarily, it’s not what we do.

There’s a modest amount of malasezzia yeast globosa on everyones skin.

This is turn needs to be exfoliated with a loofah, a body cloth, facecloth or during a shampoo treatment.

Cicatricial Scarring Alopecia is one of the many manifestations of our poor scalp hygeine and additional contributors to the amazing amount of scarring clients I see each week and whose posts I encounter each week through our YouTube page (above.)

One of the many symptoms included in the “requests for relief” are, ‘how do I stop the itching???’


That’s why I recommend the XTC Scalp Prep as an exfoliator, the  Perfect Hair shampoo shown in the photo  (ketoconazole) to reduce the fungal conditions that can exist and reduce the yeast build up within the scalp environment.

It is extremely important that one keeps the scalp environment optimal to prevent further scarring, hair casts and fungal conditions. Yeast builds up on the scalp just as it does in the case of oral thrush within the mouth. Just as the vagina suffers from the intense itch which needs to be soothed. The scalp, in turn needs relief as well.

What’s the difference between yeast and fungal conditions??? I have your keys, here:

But…………..there IS a “But…” You will never be able to soothe and rid yourself of the itch unless you manage, support and control your elimination channels and your ‘gut microbiome-health’. You counter this issue with probiotics. An equalization of the good bacteria needs to be managed. Have you taken antibiotics lately….? You can’t continue putting dishes in the sink and never bother to clean and clear out the dirty ones! Your gut will get ‘dirty!’

A Board-Certified dermatologist may in some instances prescribe an antibiotic and/or intralesional steroids or ones for topical use.

These methods to provide relief. There’s more than one way to’skin a cat!’ I don’t want anyone to discount that service and short-term effects that it can and will bring. You MUST target the root of the issue….. The issue of the inflammation on the inside!

Light needs to be shed on scarring Alopecia and proper scalp care….the component that is Centrilfugal (I was corrected) cicatricial scarring Alopecia is growing rapidly among women and men. Please care for your scalp today!


LaRonne Quarles, Certified IAT Tricholgist and Wellness Specialist

SBLHairloss, Pleasantville, NJ 08232





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