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Reduce Hair fall & How to Stay Well during the Co-Vid 19 Pandemic


           It’s me-the Hair loss Lady!! HI everyone, I am checking in to see how all of you are. In addition to being a salon we are also a Wellness Center so I am always concerned. … Read More

“Balance the body and the hair will follow.”


“Balance the body and the hair will follow” Is my motto.  As a Cosmetologist, I aim to share with the community and Beauty Professionals the urgency of Trichology and hair loss-related facts, issues, trends and solutions. But, we ourselves must … Read More

Handmade wigs for Alopecia in Pleasantville


This is one of our latest Creations it’s an 18 inch handmade Chinese straight wigs. The hair comes from Newtimes hair We manufacture and Market wigs for Alopecia, cancer, small children, men and women.

Our hair ages, too!


Americans refuse to believe or understand that they are getting old. What I really mean by this is, as we age our hair and scalp hair also ages. When clients come in and I relay to them that their follicles … Read More



A client came in recently written hair loss related to medications and problems resulting from TTP. Over time she suffered anemia, low energy and blood clotting issues. She eventually had to have her uterus removed because of menstrual cycles that … Read More

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