After the Dermatologists visit

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Often as hair stylists, we realize a client is losing hair before they realize it.
Most hairstylists have no clue how to handle this and simply give clients the “it’s not gonna grow back” speech, cover it up with a weave, or the dreaded……..”I don’t know, see a doctor..”.

We are the next stop once someone realizes they’re losing their hair.
As physicians, dermatologists are licensed in skin issues. We are licensed in how to manage “hair.”
After they’ve seen a dermatologist and may be unsatisfied with intra-lesional shots or simply a bottle of ketoconazole shampoo or clobetasol drops and they’re sent on their way, they may be interested in the services of a trichologist.

We specialize in hair loss and scalp issues and how to assist clients with the resulting loss.
We perform

an hour long health history interview
diagnostic and visual scan
nutritional health scan using the BIOCOMPASS system
and most of all, a customized system to regrowth, restoration or replacement.

With a combination of drug therapy and natural wellness and topical products, we will meet your needs.

Please consider us for your hair loss needs and for personalized and individual attention.

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