Reduce Hair fall & How to Stay Well during the Co-Vid 19 Pandemic

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 It’s me-the Hair loss Lady!!

HI everyone, I am checking in to see how all of you are.
In addition to being a salon we are also a Wellness Center so I am always concerned.
Concern leads to worry and adds to our stress levels.
Stress can cause  a number of issues that can stifle health & hair loss.
Your nervous system can amplify and intensify any illness or problems you are feeling.

If I may, I wanted to offer a few tips:
Please try using up all the spare foods that you have around the house instead of rushing out to the store.
For example, use up all the Brown rice, quinoa, dried beans,nuts and fruits, oatmeal, sesame
chickpeas, pinto, blackeyed peas, raisins, medijool dates and more.

Around the house:

Try boiling water or use an OZONATOR to purify your water of bacteria, viruses and protozoa.

Boil your water and use Borax if you cannot get out to the supermarket to purchase more..

Add Kangen water to keep your body alkalized. It’s harder to be sick and for viruses to replicate when you’re in an alkaline state.

Don’t microwave all of your foods in plastic as it adds to the amount of carcinogens released into the foods.
Use Chinaware or Stoneware and use the cooking range or gas stoves.

Continue to clean your hands and refrain from touching your face and drink plenty of water.

If you feel unwell

If you feel unwell with fever, body aches, chills:

Try Feverfew as an herbal remedy for fever and pain.
rest, and drink water if you can hold it down.
this is your body’s chance to fight it off and allow your immunity to build and re-build you.

When your immunity is at it’s weakest, that’s when you’ll suffer the effects of a passing or nearby virus
so when you feel unsteady, this will help.

Here are some of my trusted natural remedies for immunity:
Colloidal silver 500ppm/colloided minerals
Oregano Oil as these fight off bacteria and helps to build immunity and illness.
Oregano oil fortified to include 70% Carvacrol  and Thymol contains the following benefits:
it’s anti-microbial, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasititc, it’s a pain-reliever, helps to remove bacteria,
soothes an irritated throat when post nasal drip begins and it stops upper-respiratory and sinus-infections within days!
Some others to strengthen immunity are:

Bloodroot- to build up the blood, and to stay fortified

moringa, mullein,Elecampane-to expel mucus and to support the lungs

CamuCamu, Triphala & Glutathione (photo enclosed)
goldenseal (possibly not for Type B blood)
Astragalus Root Vitamin C and Zinc AS SOON AS YOU FEEL UNWELL.


Remember to increase your water intake and to stay hydrated.
Exercise and increase the heat in your body as this helps to move the toxicity through your lymphatic system
to be removed through mucous in the intestinal channels.


Continue to detoxify helping your liver, kidneys, gall bladder and colon.
Include superfoods to care for your needs.
Try Irish Sea Moss as it contains almost 100 vitamins and minerals needed daily and is great to ingest after re-bounding from illness.
This great for those struggling to grow their hair and stay well
Also, chlorella and chlorophyll found in our Liv-J deep-leafy greens like kale, mustard, spinach and withing our Ultimate Greenzone product
and lastly, our Bentonite clay Sonne’s liquid Detox for those who don’t to take like pills!!!


More tips about Immunity
50-70% of your immunity lies within your intestines, so please remember to keep your waste channels flowing.
If it’s backed up and you can’t eliminate and your lymphatic channels can’t remove the toxicity, we increase

the chances of the toxins seeping into our body through ‘autointoxication.’

Please keep the ‘Poop’ flowing!! 
Try adding:

Psyllium Hulls or Husks
Marshmallow Root
and plenty of Senna tea or Cascara Segrada to your diet to loosen stubborn waste while protecting your colon

Let’s stay well together. Please call if I can assist with anything.

24-hour hotline-609-666-4674


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